Searching for a trustworthy company to transport your vehicle can be a daunting task, as there are many options to choose from and prices and shipping procedures can vary. Usually, brokers take your deposit, list your vehicle online, and wait for a truck to accept the job. They then pass on the vehicle, leaving updates and trip information solely to the trucking board.

At USA Auto Movers, we do things differently. We secure trucking routes in advance to ensure timely transport based around your schedule and the agreed-upon price. We won’t pay the carrier until you have inspected your vehicle and are completely satisfied. Throughout the process, we stay in touch with the shipper, and someone from our team is always available to keep you up to date.

Dedicated Routes

We have dedicated routes to fifteen states, and we ship everywhere in the continental United States including Alaska.


Headed South for the winter? For over thirty years, USA Auto Movers has been shipping cars between the Northeast and Florida.


Going off to college? Let USA Auto Movers deliver your car to you at your new campus. When it comes to college, you and your student have enough on your plate. We’ve done our homework to be able to handle the safe and secure transport of your vehicle.


Moving for a job or for retirement? USA Auto Movers can arrange to have your vehicle waiting for you when you arrive at your new home. 

Additional Services

Auto Detailing

USA Auto Movers is now offering complete detailing services!
★ Bug & Sap Removal ★ Dashboard and Console Conditioning ★ Wheels & Tires ★ Vents ★ Door Jambs ★ Interior Glass ★ Interior Vacuum ★ Exterior Wash


Heading South?

Shipping vehicles to and from Florida is our specialty.