For over 35 years, our family has been in the vehicle transportation business. We were part of a franchise until early 2023 when we sold back the fleet management portion of our work and continued on as USA Auto Movers, a dedicated private shipping company devoted to excellent customer service and timely transportation. All the important things – our location, phone number, and staff – remain the same. So the group you know and love is still here to serve you!
No. While we do not own our trucks, we contract every snowbird season with the same drivers and carriers who’ve been working with us for years. Our smooth and timely system works due to the amazing relationships we have cultivated over the years with our team of drivers- we know them all personally and they love working with us. We secure the trucks in advance of the delivery timelines to make sure your car is making its way quickly and efficiently.
No! We actually work differently from most competitors in that we schedule our trucks around our customers schedules, not the other way around. So we’re ready to go whenever you are!
In heavy demand seasons, it could be almost every day! Peak times are October, December and January for southbound shipments, and April/May for northbound. We coordinate the trucks around your date requirements.

Terminal to Terminal designates the shipment of your vehicle between two designated locations. In Massachusetts our terminal is located conventiently in Canton, MA right off Exit 23A on Route 95. In Florida we have 12 terminals located throughout the state.

We offer terminal locations to be able to hold your car in a safe secure location until you arrive, allowing our trucks to stay on schedule and deliver timely. The advantage for our customers is to have the vehicle available on the day of their flight arrival if needed. Our locations also offer airport shuttle service (Ft. Myers, Tampa, Logan) and local pickup/delivery service to your home for an additional fee.

Terminal to Terminal is the least expensive way to transport while offering the most flexibility. Don’t pay for what you don’t need!

Absolutely! We ask for your vehicle 7 days in advance in order to have the car at your destination at least one day prior to your arrival, and we always build in a cushion in case of delays (weather, truck malfunction, etc.)
We understand that delays and changes of plans could throw a wrench in your arrival, and we have a solution for that: our terminals will hold the car up to 5 days with no additional fees.
Great question! We always plan our trucking schedule around yours. So once you confirm your dates, our team gets straight to work making sure sure we have the right amount of trucks for our customers’ booking dates. Your signature and payment confirms your reservation – just like with the airlines. However, we know there are times when payment can’t be done in advance and we will work with you to make a alternative arrangements (dropping the payment off when your car leaves for Florida or paying at pickup in Massachusetts).
It’s always upsetting when you can’t make the trip for any reason. Our policy is a full 100% refund for any cancellations (provided the car hasn’t left yet). Some customers choose to put their car on hold for a future date, or request their refund in the form of a check or credit card. We will issue that refund immediately.
There’s no better advertisement than a personal reference. best reference comes from someone who has used our service and is sharing their great experience. We want to thank them for their recommendation and we do that in the form of a gas gift card – free money! We keep an ongoing spreadsheet of all our referrals and once the new customer ships their car your gift card is mailed to your home. This is open to everyone and is a wonderful way to show our appreciation.
Absolutely, with a few limitations. The Department of Transportation has regulations regarding the transport of private vehicles on car carriers. There are some specific rules outlined below:
  1. 100 lb limit for personal belongings. These items must be in the trunk of your car, or behind the back seat in the cargo area of an SUV (but below the window line). There is a maximum weight limit for the overall car carrier. This weight allows us to properly load the truck without concern for weigh stations and extra fines/fees The driver of the truck needs to be able to have clear sight lines through all windows when loading/unloading the vehicles
  2. Golf clubs or small bags can be placed on the floor of the back seat.
  3. Back seats must be upright and free of obstruction. Some of the vehicles when loaded on the carrier will have their front doors blocked by the rails of the truck. The driver will need exit/enter the car through the back seat/back doors.
  4. No contraband of any kind (liquor, drugs, ammunition, guns), live plants or pets.
  5. Fuel tank – please do not fill your tank! Fuel can weigh up to 100 lbs per vehicle (depending on the size of your tank). If you are dropping off your car at one of our terminals please keep your fuel at ¼ tank. If we are driving your car ½ tank is advisable.li>

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