100 Reasons Why Snowbirds Should Ship Their Cars Rather Than Drive

Snowbirds, those who migrate from the colder northern parts of North America to warmer southern locales during winter, often face the decision of driving their cars to their destination or shipping them. Here are 100 reasons why shipping the car might be a better option than driving:

Convenience and Comfort

  1. Avoid long, exhausting drives.
  2. Reduce wear and tear on the vehicle.
  3. Eliminate the need for overnight hotel stays.
  4. Skip the hassle of planning a long road trip.
  5. Arrive rested and ready to enjoy your destination.
  6. Avoid unpredictable weather conditions.
  7. No need to pack and unpack the car multiple times.
  8. Reduce the risk of road fatigue and accidents.
  9. Bypass traffic jams and construction delays.
  10. No need for multiple gas stops.


  1. Faster arrival at your destination.
  2. More time to enjoy your vacation or winter home.
  3. Avoid detours and unexpected delays.
  4. No need to take time off work for driving.
  5. Immediate access to your own vehicle upon arrival.


  1. Potentially cheaper than the cost of fuel, hotels, and meals on the road.
  2. Avoid unexpected vehicle maintenance or repairs from long drives.
  3. Insurance rates may not increase from adding high mileage.
  4. No need to rent a car at your destination.
  5. Avoid depreciation costs from adding extra miles.

Safety and Security

  1. Reduce the risk of theft or break-ins during hotel stays.
  2. Avoid driving in unfamiliar areas, especially at night.
  3. Vehicles are shipped securely and with insurance coverage.
  4. Avoid potential accidents or incidents on long road trips.
  5. Professional drivers ensure your car’s safe arrival.

Health Considerations

  1. Less exposure to potential illnesses at public stops.
  2. Avoid stress and physical discomfort from long hours of driving.
  3. Better for those with medical conditions that make long drives risky.
  4. No need to find pet-friendly accommodations if traveling with pets.
  5. Reduce exposure to extreme weather conditions.

Environmental Benefits

  1. Shipping multiple cars together can reduce carbon footprint.
  2. Less fuel consumption than driving individually.
  3. Promotes the use of professional logistics and efficient routing.
  4. Less road wear and potential for accidents.
  5. Supports industries focused on efficient vehicle transportation.


  1. Choose from different shipping options (open or enclosed transport).
  2. Flexible pick-up and delivery dates.
  3. Option to ship additional belongings with the vehicle.
  4. Can plan your travel by air to coincide with vehicle arrival.
  5. Ability to explore different transportation modes to your destination.

Peace of Mind

  1. Knowing your vehicle is in professional hands.
  2. Avoid the anxiety of potential car issues on the road.
  3. Tracking options allow you to monitor your car’s journey.
  4. Insurance coverage provides financial peace of mind.
  5. Professional services often guarantee delivery times.

Seasonal Planning

  1. Ideal for those who winter in one location regularly.
  2. Simplifies the transition between homes for seasonal living.
  3. Allows for easier planning with predictable costs.
  4. No need to adjust to different cars or rental models.
  5. Helps maintain a consistent lifestyle between two homes.

Vehicle Protection

  1. Avoids salt and sand damage from winter roads.
  2. Professional loading and unloading to prevent damage.
  3. Enclosed transport options protect against weather and debris.
  4. Reduces the risk of tire and brake wear from long trips.
  5. Prevents potential engine and transmission issues from constant driving.

Legal and Logistical Ease

  1. Avoid navigating different state traffic laws and tolls.
  2. No need to worry about parking or storage upon arrival.
  3. Reduces the complexity of cross-border travel requirements.
  4. Bypasses the need for international driving permits in some cases.
  5. Streamlines the process of moving between states or countries.

Lifestyle and Experience

  1. Opportunity to fly and enjoy aerial views.
  2. Meet new people or visit friends along the way by flying.
  3. Experience different forms of travel.
  4. Enjoy leisure activities instead of driving.
  5. Arrive at your destination without the need for immediate rest.

Personal and Family Considerations

  1. More suitable for families with small children.
  2. Allows elderly travelers to avoid the strains of long drives.
  3. Accommodates those with disabilities more comfortably.
  4. Pets can be transported in a less stressful manner.
  5. Avoids the need for multiple drivers or driving shifts.

Enjoyment and Leisure

  1. More time for sightseeing and experiences at your destination.
  2. Avoids the monotony of interstate highways.
  3. Can enjoy in-flight entertainment or relaxation.
  4. Saves energy for outdoor and recreational activities upon arrival.
  5. Leaves more time for planning local excursions and activities.

Efficiency and Reliability

  1. Vehicle shipping companies have established routes and processes.
  2. Reduces the likelihood of getting lost or misdirected.
  3. Professional scheduling minimizes delays.
  4. Logistics companies manage all aspects of transport.
  5. High reliability and accountability from shipping providers.

Technological Advantages

  1. Access to advanced tracking and logistics technology.
  2. Utilize apps and online tools for booking and tracking.
  3. Benefit from industry-leading safety and maintenance standards.
  4. Electronic documentation simplifies the shipping process.
  5. Customer service and support throughout the transport.

Health and Wellness

  1. Less stress leads to better overall health during your stay.
  2. Avoids the sedentary lifestyle associated with long drives.
  3. More energy for physical activities and exercise upon arrival.
  4. Reduces the risk of driving-related injuries.
  5. Better mental health not dealing with driving stress.

Strategic Planning

  1. Allows for last-minute travel changes or decisions.
  2. Easier to coordinate with family or friends traveling from different locations.
  3. Supports the planning of return trips or further travel.
  4. Flexibility in extending or shortening stays without vehicle concerns.
  5. Simplifies budgeting for travel expenses.

Community and Support

  1. Access to a network of professional transporters.
  2. Benefit from the experience and advice of the shipping community.
  3. Customer reviews and ratings help in choosing the best service.
  4. Support services available for any issues during transport.
  5. Being part of a sustainable and efficient travel community.

Choosing to ship your car as a snowbird can offer a multitude of benefits, from saving time and reducing stress to protecting your vehicle and making travel more enjoyable. Whether for health, convenience, or environmental reasons, shipping your car is worth considering for a hassle-free migration to your warmer winter home.

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